On https://d11.gg/ website:

1. Go to the dropdrown menu next to your username.

2. Select "My Subscription” on the menu

3. Check your subscription and click on "Unsubscribe".

If you subscribe using Paypal, follow the steps below. If you subscribe through a Batelco number, please go to step 10.

4. Login with your Paypal information.

5. On the Payments menu, localize the "Total esports Middle East Company W.L.L" payment.

6. Click in "Cancel".

7. Read the notice and click on "Cancel Automaty Payments".

8. You will get a confirmation notification. Click on "Done".

9. The subcription is now Inative.

If you subscribed with Batelco please follow the steps below.

10. Confirm your unsubscription by clicking on "Cancel subscription".

11. You will be back to be a free user.

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