On https://d11.gg/ website:

1. Check all the information about D11 platform and our Membership Packages.

2. Select your Membership Package and click on “Subscribe”.

3. Create your account or Log in to the Platform.

4. Verify your email and choose the Membership package you'd like to subscribe to.

5. Confirm the package you want to subscribe to.

6. Select your preferred payment provider.

7. Follow the payment process. For Batelco payment, users will need a mobile number to receive a PIN code and complete the process.

8. Enjoy and join the rest of the community on Discord!

9. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your bundle, make sure you’re logged in to D11, click on your Username in the top right corner.

10. Click on “My Subscription” in the drop-down menu.

11. Confirm the package you want to change to and follow the process (Steps 6-7)

12. If you want to Unsubscribe from D11, please read the "How do I unsubscribe" article.

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