D11 Gaming Join Instructions - Clash Royale

Creating a match

The username and #ID of the game must match those shown on the match details page. For example, NanyRabello # NA3CWPK.

If they do not fully match, send a message in the Clash Royale event chat in Discord with images showing that your opponent is trying to play with another game account.
Please make sure to have enough room on your friend's list before the matches start. This is so that you can add your opponents in-game.

Events will be played with the predefined game rules:

  • King tier maximum level: 9

  • Maximum level of common cards: 9

  • Maximum level of special cards: 9

  • Epic card maximum level: 9

  • Legendary cards maximum level: 9

  • Extra time: 3 min

Friend request

The team on the left side of the bracket (Team 01) in the match details screen on the platform must create the game lobby and add their opponents to the lobby.

To add your opponent, go to the Social tab, to the Friends section. Click on "Invite a friend" and copy the link that will appear under "Copy to clipboard".

Copy the link and paste it into #🤜🤛-clash-royale channel on Discord, specifying the tournament name - Match number - Your name x opponent name - friend link.

For example: Clash Tournament 1 - Match 1 - PlayerA x PlayerB - link: xxx

When your opponent opens the link, you will receive an invitation. Follow the link inside to accept the invitation. Clash Royale will then open and you will be friends.

Players on the right side of the bracket (Team 02) must go to the #🤜🤛-clash-royale channel on Discord and find your opponent’s link.

We highly recommend that your display name on the D11 Gaming Discord matches your in-game name to make it easier to find your opponents.

The creator of the room will be Team 01, which appears on the left bracket on the match details page. After you are connected, the opponent will appear to you as an opponent in friends; to play, you will have to click on yours and on "Friendly Battle":

The game configuration must be "Friendly Battle". If you accept the invitation to a different mode, all results are accepted.

Final result


The match score must be reported by both captains.

Team captains must report their score on the match details page within 10 minutes of the match finishing. Players will report scores by uploading the screenshot of the result on the match details page.


Game wins are not influenced by the number of towers destroyed. For example, a winning player destroys 3 enemy towers and their opponent destroys 0 towers, the winning player will only receive 1 win towards their overall match score.

The first player to win 2 games in the best-of-three series is declared the winner of the match.

At the end of the match, both players need to take a screenshot of the game history showing the results of all matches and input their scores according to the number of victories. You can get this screen in your game history:

Players must consider the number of winnings as their score. E.g. Game 1: Player 1 wins, so Player 1 earns one point. The score is now 1-0. Game 2: Player 2 wins so Player 2 earns one point. The score is now 1-1. Game 3: Player 1 wins so Player 1 earns another point. The score is now 2-1.

Team captains have 10 minutes after the end of the match to upload their scores. If no team upload results up to 40 minutes after the match start time, or if the result of both teams does not match, the event administrator will take appropriate action.

It is mandatory to upload evidence of victory. If an administrator needs them, you will have to send them to support, and not sending them will result in automatic defeat. You should never accept to play a challenge if you are unsure about compliance with the rules. If you accept the challenge, you assume your final result.

Common questions

Q: Can I use any deck or card?

A: Yes, all cards in the game are allowed.

Q: How do I create a match if I am a host?

A: After adding your opponent to the friend’s list, you must click on Friendly battle.

Q: Can I switch decks or cards during the game?

A: Yes, you can use any different deck in each game.

Q: How do I specify my Nick + ID on the D11 Gaming?

A: You must access your profile and go to Add identifiers online, and in the Clash Royale section, you must click and add your Game Nick + Public ID. Example: NanyRabello # NA3CWPK

Q: My opponent keeps sending me icons. What do I do?

A: Mute it in the game. There is no punishment for using emotions in Clash Royale.

Q: Don't agree with a result. What can I do?

A: Admins decisions are final. If there is a dispute and the admin staff has announced a decision, the rules will be followed and actions taken. Please know that we will always have the community's best interest in mind. In order for events to run smoothly, there are hard decisions that need to be made, and often times rules will need to be strictly followed. Kindly respect the admin decisions and refrain from challenging the final decision during the event, so that the rest of the community are not impacted.

Q: My opponent's game account does not match the one on the page. What should I do to report this?

A: Send a message to @support in the Clash Royale event chat in Discord with images showing that your rival is trying to play with another game account.

Q: I can’t submit my result. What can I do?

A: Send a message to @support in the Clash Royale event chat in Discord with a screenshot that shows the victory and has proof in case of conflict.

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