Team owners have the ability to promote a single member from their team to administrator. Each team can have one Owner and one Admin. Each of these roles has the same team management abilities and access to the Admin Panel on the Team details page, except that the Admin can be demoted or removed by the owner. Likewise, the Admin can not change the team owner or choose another Admin (but he can step down or refuse the offer to become an Admin). The member must already be in the team to become an Owner or Admin.

To make a member an Admin for your team:

1. Login to D11 Gaming.

2. Click on the profile username.

3. A drop-down menu will appear, click on "Teams".

4. A list of teams will appear.

5. Select the team you want to edit and click on Manage Team. The Manage Team page will load. Only the team owner can manage a team.

6. Click on the player you want to edit. Select "Admin" or "Owner" in the role select box.

7. A notification will appear once the role has changed.

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